EWA members attend Willamette Writers in record numbers

What are we?  We are a group of like minded writers who gather to read and critique each others’ work.

What is our goal?  To help fellow writers, newbies and vets alike, navigate the baffling journey from unknown scribbler to the next world famous (insert your preferred genre here) author.

How can we help?  We share our lessons learned, literary contacts, and promote each others’ work.  We also research the industry and gather valuable/useful sites for reference.

And?  As if that’s not enough, every month a different member of our group will post about a relevant writing topic – plot, character, dialog, opening lines, agents, queries, how to keep a neglected non-writer loved one feeling special while you bury your face in your computer every night.  You know, normal writer problems.

Write On!

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